TOKENOMICS Token name: Haven token Token Symbol: HAVEN Token contract address: To Be Announced.
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000 $HAVEN (just like Bitcoin, but we are burning 50%)
  • Safe Burn on day of Pancake Swap launch: 10,500,000 $HAVEN
  • Initial Liquidity Offering: 6,000,000 $HAVEN
  • Liquidity Locked: 3,446,820 $HAVEN
  • Marketing & Development: 723,180 $HAVEN
  • Safe Haven Dev Team: 330,000 $HAVEN
Manual Burn We have decided to burn almost half of the total supply in order to allow the BNB reward system to grow organically. Since the dead wallet will hold 50% of tokens, no more than 50% of the BNB reward pool will ever be claimable so it will be less susceptible to steep decreases in BNB pool rewards.
Haven is a truly deflationary coin by design. The supply keeps decreasing with every transaction. 1% of every transaction is burned. In addition, the Dead Wallet is a wallet holder for reflection interest, with 50% of supply, meaning a large portion of reflection interest from transactions goes to the burn wallet too.
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