- SafeLayer Token for farming within the ecosystem

Token Info

  • Name: SafeLayer Token
  • Symbol: SLT
  • Contract Address: TBA
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain(BEP-20)
SLT token emission will stop on block: 23666932

Emission rate

  • 0.5 SLT / block
  • 10% dev fee for project growth and cooperation
10% SLT commission from emission will be used exclusively for future partnerships with other farms and vaults. None of this commission will ever be sold to the open market, which would negatively affect the price of the SLT token.


SafeLayer Token is an endless layer yield farming protocol with deflationary tokenomics and unique features to allow the yield's long-term sustainability.
The first Layer of SafeLayer will begin its emission at Start Block: 21074932, and it will end its emission at Block 23666932. At the end of each layer, token and LP token holders will have the chance to migrate to the new layer through an Initial Safe Offering (ISO).
One of the qualities of a good Defi investment is safety and without the need to worry about 'rug-pull'. Therefore, we value the safety and security of the projects to give the investors peace of mind on their investment. The goal of every investor is to 'make profits'; making this easier is what SafeHaven ecosystem is all about.
For SafeLayer Token, the SafeHaven Defi team will focus on making a strategic alliance with several partners and projects through features like Initial Safe Offerings (ISO) to create a wide range of opportunities within the ecosystems.


  • SafeKeeper (Deposit Fee): 3% deposit fee (0% for HAVEN and SLT related pools). The breakdown on how the funds will be used can be found below:
  • SafeGuard (Withdraw Fee): 3~0% withdraw Fee (0% for HAVEN and SLT related pools) will be charged to encourage longer farming. The breakdown on how the funds will be used can be found below:
    • 30% to reward HAVEN and SLT holders with SafeStake
    • 30% to buy-back and burn SLT and HAVEN
    • 30% for marketing, development and general expenses purposes
    • 10% will be donated to charities
  • Layered farming: Ensures high and sustainable yields APYs and a continuous profits for native token holders
  • SafeStake : Deposit SLT and earn BUSD !
  • Initial Safe Offering: Finest gateway for partner projects, effective way to burn SLT and reward HAVEN holders

Join the new Layer

SafeLayer Token holders will be able to earn crypto with good potential by staking SLT in SafeStake till the end of each SafeLayer cycle (864,000 blocks, approx. 3 months). SLT holders will have the option of transitioning to the new layer or selling their SLT.