When users withdraw staked funds from SafeLayer, 0% ~ 3% of withdrawal fee will be charged. NOTE: $SLT related farms and pools do not charge withdrawal fees!
Withdraw Timing
Withdrawal Fees
Before 1 day (Within 24hrs, ~28800 Blocks)
1 day to 2 days (Within 48hrs, ~57600 Blocks)
2 days to 3 days (Within 72hrs, ~86400 Blocks)
after 3 days (After 72hrs, 86400 Blocks~)
After Layer 2 deposit starts
All OFF (0%)
The fee system is designed to disincentivize short-term farming and selling pressure but will still be reasonable for those who wish to yield farm for short time.
  • 30% to reward HAVEN and SLT holders with SafeStake
  • 30% to buy-back and burn SLT and HAVEN
  • 30% for Marketing and Development
  • 10% will be donated to charities to help people in need
Withdrawal fee from SLT is calculated based on the block of your previous or last deposit.