Why delegated farming?

As SafeLayer is contributing to the liquidity pools of PancakeSwap, these tokens are more than just a way to farm SLT. We are here to play the long game with SafeLayer and benefit users in most optimal way.
When a wallet deposits an LP token into a farm, the SafeLayer Smart Contract will then delegate these tokens to its farms on PCS. When the wallet withdraws the LP tokens out of the farm, the LP tokens will be withdrawn by the contract out of PCS as well. The wallet will still earn sweet SLT rewards, and in the meanwhile the SafeHaven treasury will also earn $CAKE from 3rd party pools. These harvested $CAKEs will then be used as described below:
  • 30% to reward HAVEN and SLT holders with SafeStake
  • 30% to buy-back and burn SLT and HAVEN
  • 30% for Marketing and Development
  • 10% will be donated to charities to help people in need