- Ecosystem current and future plans
SafeHaven Defi Ecosystem Roadmap

Long Term Roadmap

Governance DAO
AMM Build
SafeTools Launch (multichain charting platform)
SafeHaven Lending protocol
SafeHaven Stablecoin
SafeHaven Mining

Operation Roadmap


Telegram Ad and Promotion
Influencer marketing
Paid banner ads
RugDoc review
Crypto.com, Dextool and Bog trending


New Website
New Dapp
SafeStake Platform
SafePad Platform
SafeFarms Platform
SafePools Platform
Referral Page
Multichain Launch(Avalanche, Fantom, Ethereum)


CEX Listing
Major DeFi Dashboard Lisitng
Arken Finance
ApeBoard (Tracker)
Pacoca (Tracker)
Ticker on TrustWallet and PancakeSwap


  • will be updated [In discussion]

Voting Platforms

DefiYield App - Upvote
CoinSniper - Vote Daily
CoinMooner - Vote Daily
CoinHunt - Upvote
CoinVote - Vote Daily
CoinGecko - Like Daily
CoinMarketCap - Add to Watchlist
CoinGecko - Like
Dextool Community Vote

Haven Operations

Concept Design
Presale on Pinksale
PancakeSwap Launch
Further Marketing
CoinmarketCap Listing
CoinGecko Listing
Coin Voting Platforms Listing
Coin Charting Platforms Listing
Haven Press Release
Haven Whale Group
Haven Multi-Chain

SafeLayer Operations

Audit [Peckshield]
Meme Contest
New Website Launch
Pre-sale Completion
Initial liquidity supply to SLT-BNB and SLT-BUSD pools
SLT Token Contract Announcement
SafeStake Starts
Farming starts at block #
Advertising and Promotion [On Going]
Partnership [On Going]
Roadmap is subject to change according to situation