- daily reward automatically into holders wallets

ETH Rewards

Earn ETH dividends every day automatically in your wallet just by Holding $HAVEN
Most reflection token projects reward their holders with their native token, forcing them to sell a portion of their holdings to generate a profit. However, with Haven, you will not have a need to sell your tokens to generate an income. Simply hold Haven and accumulate ETH-Bep-20 which is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies out there. Furthermore, the ecosystem is a long term project; thus the need for the investors to hold their assets and enjoy passive income daily. Haven tokens holders are reward with Eth-Bep-20 tokens on a daily basis, according to the volume.

Monthly Boost

Every month, Ethereum rewards will be manually boosted by 30% of the profits generated by all SafeHaven DeFi products. This will allow the rewards to be sustainable and powered by utilities income rather than just volume.