- limiting the already limited supply means Haven will fulfilled its potential and can also reach higher marketcap

Buy-Back and Burn

Haven Token also maintains a buy-back reserve from where the tokens are converted into Binance (BNB) and securely locked in the Haven Token contract. These BNB are then used for strategic buyback & burn – the contract buys Haven Token, creating volume, rewards, positive price actions, price stability and then sends those tokens to the burn address. This will remove them permanently from circulation, including rewards eligibility. This last step means holders of $HAVEN continuously receive a higher overall share of rewards distributed and circulating supply reduces over time.

Monthly Boost

Every month, buy-back funds will be manually boosted by 30% of the profits generated by all SafeHaven Defi products in that particular month. This will allow the buy-back funds to grow while limiting the supply as often as the function is being used.