Transaction Fee Detailed
As discussed in the 'Transaction Fee Summary' page, there is a 16% transaction tax on every transfer. Below you can find a full breakdown of the fee structure:
  • BNB Reward Pool For every buy, sell or send transaction of $HAVEN, 9% goes to increase the BNB reward pool.
    The BNB in the reward pool is claimable every 72 hours by $HAVEN holders proportional to the percentage of $Haven they hold.
  • Automatic LP
For every buy, sell or send transaction of $HAVEN, 5% goes to the liquidity pool. Increasing liquidity allowing the BNB/HAVEN LP to grow regardless of $HAVEN's current market price.
This liquidity becomes locked away and inaccessible, once again raising the price floor each and every time a transaction is made.
  • RFI- Static Rewards
In addition to BNB rewards, $Haven holders also generate passive income from reflection interest.1% of every transaction is redistributed to all $HAVEN holders in reflection. This happens automatically at the time of the transaction/s and will be reflected in your token balance.
The burn address is a holder of 50% of supply so each reflection cycle also helps deflate the supply.
  • Transaction burn
Another deflationary mechanism we've implemented into our smart contract is transactional burn. 1% of every transaction is automatically sent to the burn wallet, continuously making $HAVEN more scarce.
Last modified 5mo ago
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